We, the Student Senate of Rockhurst University, in order to promote the interests and concerns of the undergraduate student body in matters that affect the University community, shall maintain and improve the rights and general welfare of the students; stimulate and promote support among students for policies beneficial to their interests; strengthen understanding and communication between students and the University; and uphold the ideals and values of the Catholic Jesuit tradition through learning, leadership, and service.

2020-20201 Senators

Finance Committee
Social Media Chair
Social Justice Committee Secretary
Service Rep.
VP of Finance
Finance Committee
Website Chair
Campus Life Committee
Residence Life Rep.
VP of Programming
Finance Committee
Finance Committee
University Affairs Committee
Social Justice Committee
Campus Life Chair
Computer Services Rep.
University Affairs Committee
Executive Secretary
Social Justice Committee
DE&I Rep.
Campus Life Secretary
Athletics Rep.
Campus Life Committee
Greek Life Rep.
University Affairs Secretary
Vice President
Campus Life Committee
Campus Ministry Rep.
University Affairs Chair
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